Women's voices must be heard on water issues. Affirmative action must be undertaken

06 February 2012

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“The 6th World Water Forum  takes place at a time where water related crises are heightened by impacts of climate change. To ensure that communities are strengthened to stand up to these challenge we must make sure to involve the half of humanity which is usually ignored, namely women. Women's voices must be heard, considered and respected at every level in order to ensure sustainability in the water sector.

“Half the world's population, but not with half the share of wealth, well being and opportunity and with most of burdens in the water sector - it is imperative that the 6th Forum must give more than  half the media's attention, and an equal voice in expression.

“One sixth of Sri Lankan population obtain their water supply from 4500 community-based organizations, run by volunteers.  The government of Sri Lanka recognises that women play a critical role in management of these systems and seeks to support them with affirmative action”. 

Hon Dinesh Gunawardena
Minister of Water Supply and Drainage and Chief Government Whip
Sri Lanka

The Forum session on Women & Water will be help on march 14 at 8:30 AM and the preparatory meeting on march 10 & 11 also in Marseille. Read here about the programme and targets.


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