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Major outcome of the local and regional authorities’ political process of the 5th World Water Forum, the Istanbul Water Consensus (IWC) formalises the water commitment of local and regional authorities who wish to adapt their water infrastructure and services to major challenges such as climate change, urban growth, the depletion and pollution of water resources or ageing of existing infrastructure.

The signatories commit to prepare action plans to analyse water-related challenges and implement strategies to cope with them, to set up a series of indicators and to report on the progress at the next World Water Forum in Marseille. The implementation phase is being supported by a number of champion cities/regions acting as drivers and guides of the implementation on particular challenges (e.g. adaptation to sea level rise, ageing of infrastructure, Water safety and health, etc). These champion cities (e.g. Brisbane, Osaka, Rotterdam, Paris, Vienna, Baguio, Incheon, Lyon, Entebbe, Marseille) have specific roles in providing their experience and their networks to those facing similar challenges, in promoting the IWC in their respective regions and in taking the lead in developing their own action plans and targets.

The IWC document and the list of current signatories are available at:

For any further information:
Please contact Ms. Céline Dubreuil – World Water Council

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