La moitié pour commencer (Half to begin)

11 & 12 February 2012 - Theater l'Avant-scène, Vence (France)


The governor : Eric Louis

Mrs. ‘l’ambassaladeuse’ : Valérie D’Amodio


Produced by the Association of Theatre from Valbonne (06) : Les Enfants du Paradis

Directed by : Bénédicte Leturcq



‘La moitié pour commencer’ (Half to begin) is a futuristic comedy, written by an author in the region: Stéphane Schler.


The main theme of the play is the shortage of water ... the author takes us on a future, not so far, when everyone is thirsty ... water is rationed ... showers too!

Madam ‘L’ambassaladeuse’, very ambitious, comes to visit the governor, too timid for his taste, so that decisions are made, and why not take power. She just trying to shake this madman naive child who thinks he is a beacon and sometimes a monkey ...

A confrontation, colorful ... will take place in the end the power switch is.

A text very current, which makes us aware of the fragility of the environment. A comedy that effectively makes us smile, laugh and sometimes shudder.

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